“Made in USA” Directory Sponsored by Re-Employ America

What great news!! I will use this directory over and over again.


“Made in USA” Directory Sponsored by Re-Employ America. I have found a new “Made in USA” directory called reemployamerica.us. The directory lists many different categories: large appliances, small appliances,automotive repair parts, business to business, clothing: children, clothing: infants, clothing: men, clothing: women, construction material, construction supplies, construction fixtures, cookware and dishware, electronics, furniture: office, furniture: bedroom, furniture: dining & kitchen, furniture: living room, furniture: outdoor, games, non-electronic, hobby, craft & art, home & office decor, home entertainment, household linens, jewelry, misc. household & office, music, office supplies, outdoor & recreation, pet supplies, non-food, textiles, tools, hand, tools, power, tools, yard & garden, toys, vehicle, off-road, vehicles, personal.

Interestingly enough this website also lists other Made in USA directories.

I evaluated a couple of the categories: furniture: living room and cookware and dishware. It has one of the most extensive list of Made in USA products. Of course, there are…

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